Important question for spiritual-seekers who still haven't found the inner peace and contentment they've been searching for...

If there was a predictable, step-by-step method to feel calm, balanced, and spiritually connected EVERY SINGLE DAY without spending hours that you just DON'T HAVE on your meditation cushion or running away to an ashram in India....

Would you be willing to commit just a tiny portion of your busy day to a simple spiritual practice that gets real results?


Because this is what your life can feel like if you don't:

Nothing more than a frustrating, meaningless, hamster-wheel of never-ending tasks and responsibilities.....

Waking up each day in a race against time to get everything done...

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed and also lost and confused....

Because If you know - deep down - that you're missing something fundamentally important...

That you've become disconnected from your inner self....and therefore any chance of inner peace and true contentment

Then keep reading...

Because what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks from now...

...after you've committed to your spiritual growth, and have discovered that place of stillness within that ensures your days are increasingly filled with a sense of calm, joy and ease..

But first...

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You wake up un-refreshed after a crappy night's sleep to the alarm going off on your phone, knowing it would probably do you the world of good to meditate for 10mins before the madness begins...

...but before you know it you've already wasted 15 checking email and FB, and you're not in the mood anyway cause your mind is already racing with everything that needs to be done today - and, you're now running late!

Your body is already flooded with stress, worsened by the coffee you gulp down, but hey, you can't function half asleep.

You resolve to go to yoga that evening for some much-needed me-time and to de-compress...

...but after a day of rushing and frustration; full of work, mundane responsibilities and taking care of everything and everyone (except yourself) you actually don't have the time nor energy for that yoga class after all...

By the day's end your head is throbbing and your patience long gone, you don't mean to but you lose your sh*t at your kid or partner and immediately feel your stomach lurch with guilt and your face flush with shame (this is NOT who you are!) but your nerves are so on edge you just can't filter yourself anymore.

By evening you're so exhausted and wound up, your so-called "me time" is reduced to zoning out in front of Netflix with a glass of wine for an hour, before collapsing into bed and reading a few pages of Wayne Dyer for inspiration...

...but after 2 pages you realise you're not taking anything in and even though you're achingly tired you just can't switch off, running through your to-do list for tomorrow and wondering in the back of your mind:

"surely there's got to be more to my life than this?"


As someone who truly values personal growth, you SHOULD be able to have more to your life than this...

As someone who works hard and cares so much for others...

... (you're practically a counsellor for your friends!)

you deserve to wake up each morning and make taking care of YOU a priority for a change...

You deserve to have just a few minutes to yourself to meditate and allow your mind to settle... begin your day with a deep sense of peace and contentment, and to feel that calm serenity permeate the rest of your day like a sweet fragrance, flowing into all you do and touching all you meet...

You know you can't (and don't necessarily want to) escape the responsibilities of daily life, but you're wise enough to know that you can change HOW you approach them.

Which is why you not only deserve but NEED that sacred time of daily spiritual practice so that you can feel grounded and present during the day and no longer tossed around mentally by the external circumstances of your life.

You know your time on this planet is limited and you deserve to rediscover the beauty and mystery of life once again, to savour and enjoy both the special moments and the tiny everyday pleasures.

You deserve to have that unshakeable clarity that your connection to your inner self brings - that direct line to your intuition that allows you to hear and follow the calling of your soul, and make decisions easily for your highest good.

And your family, friends and co-workers need and deserve this from you too... someone already on the spiritual path, your natural kindness and compassion touches others more than you can know, and the more you access the peace within you, the more others will notice and benefit from your calm presence and your relationships will blossom.

And at the end of each day, you deserve to go to bed feeling truly grateful, aware once again of life's blessings and to fall, easily into a deep, restful sleep.

So what’s holding you back?


The 5 reasons you're still stressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled despite trying meditation, watching The Secret and reading all the latest spiritual books!...

1. You think you'll be happy when... get a bigger house, go on holiday, lose weight, get married, get divorced, have kids, the kids leave home, have more money, time etc etc...

If you've been sucked into the seductive promises of our culture, it's not your fault...we've all been fooled into looking for happiness outside of ourselves ever since we were little children...

And what's worse, the New Age movement has now jumped on the bandwagon with a supposedly "spiritual" new tune to the same old song: simply manifest whatever you desire through the law of attraction and you'll be happy.


Understanding that the truth is, inner peace and contentment have NOTHING to do with what we can buy, do, get or achieve.

They are MENTAL states, which means they come from WITHIN.

And unfortunately, as human beings, it doesn’t matter how many vision boards we create, we can't control every aspect of our external lives and get every single thing we want... is messy, difficult and unfair sometimes.

Which is why ancient spiritual traditions have always taught us to look inside, to find that internal source of peace, joy and stillness that isn't dependent on life going a certain way for us.

2. You've got too much on your plate

If you're well and truly stuck on the hamster wheel of eat-sleep-work-repeat and you put everyone else's needs above your own, then this too is not your fault.

Another destructive message we have internalised from our culture is to continually strive to work harder and faster, to DO more, be productive citizens and sacrifice ourselves for the good of others (especially women for that last one!).

But this ultimately leads to imbalance and burn out, always "going, going, going" but never just being...


(Besides an extra 2 hours in every day)...

No, seriously, we're all busier than ever, but if taking care of yourself is at the bottom of your to-do list, you don't have a time problem, you have a SELF-WORTH problem...

We make time for what we prioritize, and we must MAKE OURSELVES A PRIORITY...

We must also recognise the gross imbalance of our "yang" based DOING culture, and find ways to bring in more "yin", time for just BEING, for slowing down, for rest, reflection and stillness.

3. You're a spiritual dabbler...

Oh gosh, this was ME for so many years!

Buying ALL the books from Eckhart Tolle, the Hay House authors and spiritual gurus..going to countless workshops and retreats, doing daily angel-card readings and binge-watching Oprah...

And there's nothing wrong with it, it's fascinating, positive and uplifting stuff!! The trouble with it is, it's all just a mental consumption of ideas rather than spiritual practice.

Which again, is fine...but for me at least, apart from being interesting and fun to consume, it didn't really CHANGE my life. I still often felt stressed, full of self-doubt and prone to anxiety.

I didn't really implement anything I had read or learnt, so I didn't really experience any true spiritual growth in the sense of becoming more grounded, present, joyful or at peace in my day-to-day life.


A simple, regular, spiritual practice.

It wasn't until I committed to a few simple, daily, mindfulness practices that I finally saw a real difference in how I felt and how I lived my life.

I overcame severe anxiety and started to discover what most of these books had been trying to tell me the WHOLE time - that peace and happiness are already inside of us and it's relatively simple to find it if we just practice consistently!

4. You're feeling so lost, anxious and confused you don't even know what to do with yourself...

If this is you. then I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a big hug...

Sometimes we go through periods in life of crisis and despair, where we can feel the rug has been pulled out from under us and we no longer know who we are anymore, or the way forward. It can be a very frightening and confusing time...


Though you may feel like your mind is going crazy and wouldn't be able to settle even if you tried, mindfulness meditation can be exactly what you need at times like these to find resilience, get grounded and centred again, and stop worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Self-care is ESSENTIAL for you right now.

5. You’ve already tried to meditate and..... it didn't work

Maybe you've already tried to meditate once or even a few times and it "didn't work”...perhaps you thought you’d be able to empty your mind completely, or immediately feel deep peace and bliss.

Instead, you discovered that your mind is crazier than a bunch of monkeys on speed!

Or perhaps you know about or have experienced the benefits of meditation already but you haven’t been able to make it a regular habit or known if you’re doing it “properly”....perhaps your practice has faltered without the guidance of a teacher or the support of like-minded peers...

If his has been your experience, don’t feel bad! It’s not easy to learn to meditate on your own in isolation!


Patience, consistency, support and guidance.

Mindfulness meditation can produce incredible results within a very short period of time (changes in the brain can be measured within 2-3 weeks of consistent practice)...

But as with learning anything new, success comes from practicing the right techniques, applying yourself with commitment and diligence, and being able to get help and specific guidance from an experienced teacher. And there’s a reason why the Buddha valued the “sangha” or community of spiritual students so highly – we also learn best when we’re surrounded by others on a similar journey.


Finding More Calm, Joy and Ease in Your Day is Absolutely Possible For You and Easier Than You Think...

If you've made it this far, you ALREADY KNOW that deep-down, you're tired of this stressful, hum-drum existence and that making time for meditation and spiritual practice can transform your life on all levels...

But maybe you don’t know which practices are the most effective to get started with? And you don’t have a lot of time to waste on anything that doesn’t get results...

My step-by-step system of mindfulness training that I’m about to share with you will enable you to:

  • Start and stick to a simple meditation practice and experience more mental calm, clarity and balance than ever before
  • Relax more easily, sleep more deeply and wake up with way more energy
  • Replace conflict, arguments and drama in your closest relationships with more harmony, understanding and connection
  • Feel in control of your schedule and to-do list and experience more flow and ease in your day-to-day activities
  • Heal difficult emotions and let go of past patterns that are holding you back from reaching your true potential
  • Get in touch with your intuition and make decisions easily without ruminating endlessly and constantly second-guessing yourself...
  • Let go of self-criticism and find self-compassion and emotional resilience during challenging or difficult times
  • Connect to an unshakable sense of meaning, purpose and spiritual connection
  • Experience more fun, joy and feeling happy for “no good reason” !

And who am I to be telling you that all of this is completely possible and achievable?

Your Instructor

Sharee James
Sharee James

I’m Sharee James, a fully qualified Naturopath, Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

I’m regularly featured as a wellness and personal growth expert on top sites, podcasts and magazines such as Mind Body Green, Yoga Life, Casa De Karma, Tiny Buddha, Positively Positive and

I’m part introverted nerd and part hippie-at-heart and some of my favourite things to do are to read (still a little addicted to those Hay House books!), swig Rooibos & Vanilla tea at all hours of the day, meditate (obvs!), stretch it all out in candle-lit yoga, and have an occasional wiggle to some good funk or afro-beat!

Many years back I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout and at my worst, severe anxiety attacks. Through my own wellness journey I learned how to heal my body, calm my mind, honour my spirituality and make self-care a REAL priority.

My mission?

To help YOU feel calm, happy & well so that you too can create a life of balance, joy & deep fulfillment

I believe the shallow, fast-paced way of life that society has thrusted upon us is destroying our health and causing the current epidemics of burnout, depression, anxiety, chronic disease and spiritual emptiness.

There IS another way...

We can slow down and listen to the deep wisdom within us...

We can start making our own well-being and happiness a REAL priority and give ourselves the care we really deserve.

We can discover that peace and contentment already live within us, if we can just quiet our busy minds enough to really pay attention.

I’ve been helping beautiful souls like you to do just that, through my live and online yoga and meditation classes, my spiritual retreats in the Himalayas of Nepal and more recently my transformational online mindfulness program “The Calmer Mind Course”.


Robyn was able to improve her sleep, halve her anxiety medication and overcome exhaustion within 6 weeks!

"Thank you Sharee, I have loved every minute of The Calmer Mind Course, the content and effect has surpassed all expectations. My stress levels were very high when I started the course and I was taking anxiety medication daily and felt constantly exhausted. The medication has halved after 6 weeks* and the the exhaustion has miraculously abated too. The anxiety that used to sit high in my chest constantly has dissipated, my body is noticeably more relaxed and I feel a lot more settled. I find that my body wants to do the meditations every night, it's like my sedative and I am able to fall asleep much more easily instead of lying awake for hours worrying. I am already recommending this course to everyone I talk to!!!"

- Robyn Leahy, AUSTRALIA

*Please note, Robyn was able to reduce her medication under the supervision of her doctor, and medication must NEVER be reduced, started or stopped without professional medical supervision

After a lifetime of stress, Anna finally feels positive and that her mood is under control...

"As an older woman who has felt stress most of her life, particularly in childhood, I felt it was just a part of my life and that it was too late to live differently. Before The Calmer Mind Course, my stress levels and mood felt out of my control, but now my stress and mood feels under my control and I am much more positive. I definitely recommend this course, the level of information - especially the scientific information around stress reduction and the body - is tremendous."

- Anna Kershaw-Barr, UK

The tools Janey learned in the Calmer Mind Course helped her cope with every mother's worst nightmare...

"When I started the course I really doubted if I’d complete it, wondering how I’d find the time. I work full-time and I’m also studying for my Master's. Added to that my husband and I were trying to buy our first house, plus a few weeks earlier I had found out I was pregnant with my first baby and I was feeling really nauseous and tired. I shouldn’t have worried as the course was very easy to fit around my busy schedule and it really helped me relax and feel calmer about all the things going on in my life. The course was a real saviour at the end of my first trimester when we were told there could be something wrong with the baby. The things I had learnt helped me stay sane during that month and thankfully all the tests eventually showed everything was fine. This is by far the best online course I have ever taken. It is so well prepared and easy to use. I have made immense improvements in my life through following all the practices in it and I know it is something that I'll repeat time and time again. It was an honour to participate and your course has made a real difference to my life Sharee. Thank you so much."

- Janey Brant-Beswick, UK

Agni was able to reduce her stress levels from a 7/10 to a 2/10 and release anxiety & self-criticism...

"When I started The Calmer Mind Course my stress levels felt like they were 7/10, by the end of the course they were down to 2/10. I really enjoyed the lectures, the topics were really interesting. All of the additional exercises and guided meditations were fantastic and really helped to cement what was covered in the teaching modules. I am less critical of myself now, and the meditations have really helped to release anxiety and not get stuck in any certain mental condition that I am having. Sharee's voice is also really nice to listen to."


Mother and daughter Sally & Kelly are feeling happy, calm and peaceful after The Calmer Mind Course...

KELLY: "I started The Calmer Mind Course with stress levels at 9/10 and they went down to a 4/10 by the second week. I have realised that I can learn to "turn off" immediate stressors when I have the tools to do so and become more present in everyday moments. I notice I am so happy after I listen to the meditations and lessons, I feel so good - and I have way less anxiety. Sharee's voice is also really relaxing - it put my puppy boxer to sleep!"

SALLY: "Sharee has presented everything in this course in a concise and well thought-out way. The way she has formulated all the knowledge she has gleaned on her journey and presented it is really beautiful and is hard to say but in a deeper way it has already made big changes in my psyche. Just the sutra on santosha is amazing - it encompasses in it's definition contentment, gratitude, patience, non-judgment and forgiveness which can in turn really lead to having a calm and peaceful attitude unhampered by worry and judgment of situations that arise in life. I am grateful for Sharee's dedication to her work and her practice that she is sharing with us."

Kelly & Sally Stephenson, USA

Maria has gone from feeling anxious, stressed and emotional to clear and at ease...

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I started out feeling very anxious and stressed based on many factors in my life, but now I feel more at ease, less stressed and like I can process things more clearly and less emotionally. Thank you so much!"

-Maria Espinosa, USA



The Calmer Mind Course!

A comprehensive, power-packed mindfulness training program that will guide you step-by-step out of stress, anxiety and overwhelm to experiencing more inner peace, joy and contentment than ever before...


Since becoming a mindfulness instructor I have distilled some of the most simple yet transformative techniques into a clearly-laid out, actionable system perfect for:

  • Those on a journey of personal growth who have experienced the dissatisfaction and disillusionment of searching for happiness in their external circumstances, goals, careers and relationships and are finally ready to start looking for it within...
  • Spiritual seekers who have dabbled in meditation before but found it difficult to stick to a regular practice or have wondered if they’re even doing it right, and haven’t yet found the inner peace and contentment they’ve been searching for...
  • Complete newbies who are eager to experience the benefits of meditation for the first time and more experienced meditators who want to bring their mindfulness off the cushion and into their daily lives where they need it most...
  • Sufferers of chronic stress, anxiety and overwhelm who are insanely busy but need simple, effective, tried-and-tested techniques to cope with life’s everyday demands and responsibilities without exhaustion and burnout and with their sanity in-tact!
  • Anyone experiencing a dark night of the soul or at a spiritual crossroads, who's feeling lost and disconnected from their inner selves and unsure of their purpose or next chapter in life...

If you resonate with any of these situations, The Calmer Mind Course will guide you each step of the way out of your current rut...

...and into the unshakeable centre of peace, stillness and wisdom that lives within you, that when accessed, can transform your whole life from the inside out!

Here's what you get:

It all comes as part of an 8 week, step-by-step online program that you can access from the comfort of your own home, and tailor to your unique schedule. Here's what's included:

  • 6 core modules with fully downloadable video and audio lessons
  • 2 integration weeks to help you stay on track
  • 10+ fully downloadable guided meditations
  • Relaxing and easy-to-follow video yoga classes
  • Beautiful pdf worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists and resource guides
  • PLUS some very special bonuses!

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

MODULE 1: Turning Within: Quietening the Mind with Meditation

This module is the foundation of the whole course and will teach you how to START – and STICK to – your own simple daily meditation practice so that you can begin to quiet the mind and access the stillness within on a regular basis…even if you’re super busy and your willpower isn't great! You'll also:

  • Uncover the REAL toll stress is taking on you and how to avoid the triggers that are making it worse. (This INVALUABLE insight is the first step in taking back control of your life!)
  • Discover the difference between responding vs reacting in stressful situations (no more "losing it" and regretting it later!)
  • Have common meditation myths debunked including the #1 misconception that almost ALL new meditators make...(Sadly, this FALSE assumption causes countless newbies to give up too soon before experiencing the real benefits of meditation! But thanks to this lesson, this won’t happen to you!)

MODULE 2: Coming Home to Your Body

Did you know that your greatest ally for helping you to get out of the chaos of your head and into the peace of the present moment whenever you want to, is actually your body?

As well as learning how to use the body as a tool to anchor you in the present, in this module you’ll also begin to:

  • Develop self-trust and self-confidence and stop worrying what other people think or seeking their approval
  • Get over frustrating indecision & crippling self-doubt by making firm, confident decisions based on your body's natural intuition
  • Get rid of stress and physical tension with yin yoga: one of the easiest, most relaxing forms of yoga around

MODULE 3: Everyday Mindfulness

In this module you’ll learn how to take the peace and serenity cultivated on your meditation cushion out into the real world where you need it most! Highlights include:

  • A super-easy, "portable" mini-meditation practice you can do throughout the day to defuse stress and anxiety instantly
  • How to transform mundane, every-day chores into living meditation practices that strengthen your inner peace and clarity of mind every time you do them!
  • How to STOP wasting your life on auto-pilot and WAKE-UP to the hidden joy and wonder of the present moment

MODULE 4: The Foundation of True Self-Care

It's your external life circumstances that cause most of your stress and frustration, right?


One of the BIGGEST sources of stress and unhappiness comes from INSIDE you - from your relentless self-criticism and harsh self-judgement - in this module you’ll start to BREAK FREE from your inner bully and see your happiness and confidence soar! You’ll discover:

  • How to stop dwelling on problems and getting caught up in negative thought-patterns
  • How to let go of self-sabotaging feelings of shame, inadequacy and fear of failure that are holding you back from reaching your true potential
  • How to become more resilient in times of difficulty and better able to acknowledge and meet your own needs with self-compassion

MODULE 5: Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Anger, fear, sadness, jealousy and resentment no longer have to steal your peace of mind if you have the tools to deal with them effectively…Which is just what this module will provide! Highlights include:

  • A powerful guided meditation that you can use whenever you are experiencing strong emotions to process them safely and fully and regain your emotional balance
  • The reason why you unintentionally fuel negative emotions with your thoughts - causing them to last WAAAY longer than necessary… and how to stop it!
  • How to finally let go of the past and stop getting stuck in the same patterns and habits of suffering

MODULE 6: Creating Calmer Relationships

It’s not always easy to keep your peace of mind if you have poor boundaries with others, have to deal with difficult people on a regular basis or have conflicts and troubles in your closest relationships…which is why this invaluable module is all about how you can bring calm to your relationships as well…

Some of the GEMS covered are:

  • Discover the #1 mistake that nearly EVERYONE makes that leads to dissatisfaction and conflict in relationships. (This applies ESPECIALLY to romantic relationships and is responsible for countless break-ups and divorces!)
  • How to put strong BOUNDARIES in place so you can stop taking on other people's drama and negativity, and stop saying YES when you really want to say NO
  • 2 mindfulness techniques to help you let go of old grievances and resentments that are keeping you stuck in the past and unable to move on
  • How to use the 6 qualities of mindfulness to transform your relationships from stuck, difficult or unsatisfying to peaceful, loving and deep

But wait...there's even more!


My goal is to get you to the results you crave with this program, and I am committed to each and every student.

That's why I'm offering every Calmer Mind Course student the opportunity to have 2 free 1:1 mentoring sessions with me, either over the phone or via Skype, so we can discuss your personal practice, your progress and challenges, and you can ask me any questions that you may need help with.

I don't want this to be yet another never-to-be-completed online course that collects "cyber-dust" on your computer...and I don’t want you to be just a nameless, faceless student left to figure it all on your own...I want to support you, guide you - and yes, even challenge you if necessary - to REALLY take action and transform your life with mindfulness meditation - and I will personally help to get you there!



I know from years of running retreats there’s a certain magic that occurs in groups of people with a shared

intention, an amplification of energies and an upliftment that affects everyone involved.

Being part of a conscious community or group is an important aspect of nearly every spiritual tradition but is sadly lacking in our culture these days.

In our private Facebook group you will find support, inspiration, connection and camaraderie with like-minded souls as well as the opportunity to ask questions and get ongoing guidance from me.


While mindfulness and meditation are essential for a calmer mind - there's another often-overlooked factor too - PHYSICALLY-INDUCED stress!

I'll be putting my "naturopath-hat" on in this bonus online training so that you can discover the PHYSICAL TRIGGERS that are negatively affecting you mentally and emotionally... as well as:

  • Understand the CRUCIAL gut-brain connection and how what you eat (and don’t eat) can literally switch on and off your stress response
  • Identify the most common everyday diet culprits that are wreaking havoc on your moods and energy levels day in and day out, leaving you feeling tired, blue and unable to concentrate...
  • Learn simple diet-tweaks – with example meals and snacks – to naturally keep your stress hormones on the down-low
  • Discover how essential a good night’s sleep really is for a calmer mind and my top 5 tips to have the most restful and refreshing sleep of your life!
  • PLUS, get a FREE downloadable natural herb and supplement guide to support your nervous system, calm your mind and boost your energy levels…naturally…

Get started now!

A Calmer Mind...Guaranteed!

I’m so passionate about partnering with you on this journey to creating a calmer, happier mind (and life!) and want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to confidently take the first step...

Enter the Calmer Mind Guarantee...

Take 30 days to go through the first 3 modules of The Calmer Mind Course.

If after completing the meditations, exercises and getting your questions answered by me personally, you haven’t experienced a noticeable reduction in your levels of stress, anxiety or overwhelm or you don’t feel like you have the tools you need to experience more inner peace and contentment...

Simply submit your completed exercises and practice log to the Teachable Customer Care team (details will be provided upon request) for a full refund.

Why am I so confident doing this?

Because not only has science PROVEN that mindfulness meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety (and even depression), but I have seen first-hand the radical transformations in my students who have committed to giving this practice a good go.

These techniques work, and I know that if you do them with consistency plus get all the support you need from me and your peers, you WILL get the results you crave.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do this, but I’m already spread wayyy to thin. How much time is this going to take?
I hear you  We’re all busier than ever now and time is our most precious resource. But here’s the thing, can you really afford not to take this time for yourself? If you know that you ‘re well and truly fed up with living with constant crushing stress and overwhelm, then I insist you find a way to block off time for yourself so that you can learn to LIVE DIFFERENTLY . You’ll need to commit to a minimum of 10 minutes of meditation per day, and approximately 3-5 hours per week for the lessons and exercises. However, I’ve purposely designed the course to be adaptable to busy lifestyles. There are 2 integration weeks built in with no extra exercises for those weeks, to allow you to catch up on anything you may have missed or to dive more deeply into a particular module AND the material is fully downloadable - so you can go at your own pace and even re-do the course as many times as you would like! I’ve created meditations and yoga classes of varying lengths, and been conscious to make the lessons as concise and fluff-free as possible. (Nothing worse than a waffler!)
When does the course start?
Registration is open until the 25th of January 2019 (unless sold-out sooner), and the first module will be released to all enrolled students on Monday the 29th of January, with subsequent modules being released over the following 7 weeks.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own, and the content is downloadable too if you prefer to listen/watch offline.
What if I'm completely new to meditation?
Wonderful! This course is suitable for beginners and more seasoned meditators alike and covers EVERYTHING you need to know to confidently start - and stick to - your own practice.
I've never done an online course before, and I'm not very techy - what if I find the course platform difficult to use?
The Calmer Mind Course is hosted on a state-of-the-art online learning platform called Teachable, which hosts thousands of different courses and is renowned for it's simplicity and user-friendly experience! You definitely don't have to worry, the course is very cleanly laid out and super simple to use, and if you get stuck at all, you can always be in touch with myself or the very helpful Teachable support team.
Is this course actually going to be applicable/practical to my everyday life?
OH HECK YES! My philosophy is that a meditation practice is pointless if it's not making a difference to your everyday life. I'm not really into fluff or woo, so I've only included very grounded teachings that draw from Buddhist psychology and the latest neuroscience and are applicable to crazy-busy modern day lives . Everything I have included is 100% actionable, practical and will make a huge difference to your life and stress levels.
I've done online courses on meditation and personal growth, how is this one different?
Unfortunately, while most online courses are convenient because students can access them from the comfort of their own homes and on their own schedules, the lack of any real accountability or personalised support makes completion rates – and therefore the ability to get any real results – abysmally low... This is why I decided to NOT open my course up to the masses just to make it “scaleable”, but to instead create a hybrid program of online learning combined WITH personalised 1:1 mentoring for only small groups of committed students at a time. I’m too passionate about mindfulness meditation and have poured too much of my heart and soul into this course to have hundreds of people sign up but only a handful complete it and get results. So I’ve chosen to go the other way, and adopt the philosophy of “no student left behind” by offering you all the support you need to get the results you’ve signed up for.
I'd love to join, but money is a bit tight right there a payment plan?
YES there is, you can choose to pay all in full (and save a little extra that way!) or make 4 smaller payments over 4 months, the payment options are at the bottom of this page.
How do the 1:1 mentoring sessions work?
After the first 3 modules have been released, you will receive a link to my online scheduler in week 4 of the course, to book in your 2 x free 30 - 45 minute sessions as well as full instructions on how to log on via Skype if you prefer to use that than the phone. Your sessions must be used within 12 weeks of the course start date unless otherwise agreed.
When do I need to enrol by?
Unless all 20 places are filled sooner, enrolment is open until the 25th of January 2019
Can you remind me of what I'm getting today when I enrol?
When you enrol, you’ll get lifetime access to The Calmer Mind Course, a comprehensive, power-packed mindfulness training program that will guide you step-by-step out of stress, anxiety and overwhelm to experiencing more inner peace, joy and contentment than ever before... Spread over 8 weeks, the course consists of: • 6 core modules with fully downloadable video and audio lessons • 2 integration weeks to help you stay on track • 10+ fully downloadable guided meditations • Relaxing and easy-to-follow video yoga classes • Beautiful pdf worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists and resource guides • PLUS some very special bonuses such as 2 x free 1:1 mentoring sessions with yours truly (valued at $197), access to a private Facebook group where you’ll find inspiration and support plus “Nourishing Your Nervous System”, (valued at $97) a comprehensive wellness workshop to help you boost your energy levels and remove the physical triggers that may be exacerbating your stress levels.

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9 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Discover More Inner Peace & Contentment with The Calmer Mind Course

1. You’re just getting started with meditation, and want to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot by using only the most powerful, easy-to-follow techniques combined with specific-to-you guidance from an experienced teacher...

2. You’ve dabbled in meditation for months or even years, but have struggled with making it a regular habit; knowing if you’re doing it right; seeing any real benefits or translating the benefits from your cushion into your daily life..

3. You’ve already been on one of my retreats or tried my guided meditations or online yoga classes, and you appreciate my teaching style and are hungry to dive into my most in-depth offering yet...

4. You’re willing to dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes a day to a simple daily, meditation practice and a few hours a week to the lessons and exercises, knowing that the time and energy you invest is well worth being able to let go of stress, overwhelm and anxiety and experience more calm, joy and ease on a regular basis.

5. In fact, you’re ALREADY investing time and energy on your own personal growth, reading spiritual books, trying meditation apps, going to yoga classes and attending workshops etc.

6. You don’t want to be just a faceless, nameless, cyber-student left to figure it all out on your own, but value personalised help from an experienced teacher, to answer your questions, offer you specific feedback, help you overcome challenges, and give you the genuine learning experience you deserve.

7. You’re aware of all the benefits that can come into your life when you learn to calm your mind with mindfulness training...things like more ease and flow in your day, improved focus and productivity, better sleep, increased energy and more harmonious relationships.

You appreciate the comprehensive and holistic span of all the modules that make this not just a course in meditation, but in a whole new way of LIVING.

And you’re REALLY excited about the BONUSES like the “Nourishing Your Nervous System” workshop that will be the perfect companion to up-level your wellness and vitality as well!

8. You’re excited to dive into the clear, step-by-step framework of The Calmer Mind Course, knowing that by this time next week you could be seated on your cushion already getting started with mindfulness meditation - the most scientifically researched –and validated- natural method for reducing stress and anxiety and cultivating a calmer, happier mind.

9. You feel confident enrolling as one of only 20 students in this unique program, knowing that you have a full 30 days to test it out: It’s simple, you either do the work and commit to practicing the techniques and experience a marked decrease in your levels of stress and anxiety and a greater sense of peace and calm – or get in touch with our customer care team to undo this whole experiment!

If you caught yourself nodding to at least 6 of the 9 points above, then I CANNOT wait to meet you inside The Calmer Mind Course as one of my 20 students!!

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By now, you’ve come to realise that there IS a predictable, step-by-step method to feel calm, balanced, and spiritually connected EVERY SINGLE DAY without spending hours that you just DON'T HAVE on your meditation cushion or running away to an ashram in India....’s The Calmer Mind Course!

So if you’re still here, let’s stop beating around the bush shall we? (#TRUTHBOMBS!)

If you’re sick and tired of your life feeling like nothing more than that frustrating, meaningless, hamster-wheel of never-ending tasks and NEED The Calmer Mind Course!

If you’re completely fed up with waking up each day feeling stressed and overwhelmed in a race against time to get everything NEED The Calmer Mind Course!

If you’re feeling lost and confused and utterly disconnected from your inner NEED The Calmer Mind Course!

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, suffer from anxiety, feel drained and low in energy and your body aches with tightness and tension NEED The Calmer Mind Course!

And if you’re yearning to embark on the spiritual journey of a lifetime – to commit to the most valuable pursuit you could ever invest your time and energy in: learning how to come out of mental suffering and discover TRUE inner peace and contentment ...YOU NEED THE CALMER MIND COURSE!!!

If you’re ready, I cannot wait to begin working with you to make this the most impactful and life-changing 8 weeks on your journey towards personal growth and fulfilment..

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