Have you had ENOUGH of feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

If you can spare 10 -20 minutes per day, you can cut your stress levels in half, take back control of your life and experience lasting calm and joy...

Can I ask you something personal?

Deep down, do you feel as if your life has kinda gotten a little out of control? Like, you know it's normal (isn't it??) to be a little stressed out and busy with modern day life (as the women's mags constantly tell us...) but seriously, have you been wondering if this is all there is?

Is it really normal to feel like you're constantly RUNNING, running out of time and running from one task, deadline or responsibility to the next? And for your MIND to be constantly running, always jumping to the next thing that has to be done, or flitting from one worry to another?

To be feeling so tired, frazzled and overwhelmed that you wonder how long you can keep going like this? Perhaps, its already gotten serious and you have experienced the racing panic of anxiety or the dark fog of depression...

Or maybe your relationships are at breaking point - you find yourself over-reacting to the smallest things, snapping at your partner or kids and finding yourself unable to control your emotions...

Perhaps the only way you have been able to switch off and quiet the noise in your head is to end the day with a glass (or 3!) of wine and zone out in front of netflix night after much for life-balance and self-care!

And maybe this stress is chipping away at you in other ways as well - disconnecting you from your true self, your intuition, your passions and your sense of the point where you feel lost and unable to make any clear decisions for yourself, and you no longer even know what truly makes you happy anymore...maybe you have become not just physically and mentally depleted, but SPIRITUALLY depleted as well...

What's this way of life really costing you?

In all seriousness, how much longer can you keep living like this? What will it take for you to realize how damaging it is to be putting yourself last all the time?

A health crisis? Because, that's a very real possibility...stress is a major factor behind all sorts of health problems from obesity to cancer to heart disease to autoimmune conditions and plenty more, not to mention mental-health conditions as well.

What about looking back at your life in your old-age and realizing you missed out on all the beautiful moments, the truly important, meaningful things because you thought you had to get everything done?

Losing precious time and experiences with the special people you love, because you're not really present with them...or the stress is robbing you of your ability to be your best self with them?

Or realising that you never really lived up to your true potential, you were so busy just treading the water of every-day life you never got to pursue your true passions, discover your deeper purpose or feel deeply connected to your inner self and to something infinitely larger and more meaningful than the humdrum routine...

In short, this constant stress is costing you EVERYTHING - your health, your happiness, your peace of mind...and your true potential in life.

I was there too...and I ended up in hospital!

I know this because I was there too...thinking I had to be perfect, thinking my value lied in how hard I could work, how much I could get done...always judging, criticising and pushing myself harder and harder. In fact, we women almost take a perverse pleasure in bragging about how busy we are and how much is on our plates...we think it makes us good mothers, good partners, good employees and fundamentally, good people...although we may be exhausted and on the brink of burnout or break-down, we believe we're supposed to be running ourselves into the ground and putting everyone and everything else above our own needs and wellbeing.

I know how much this way of life costs cost me both physically and mentally, in the form of a long and debilitating illness when I developed chronic fatigue syndrome and in the form of episode being so severe that I ended up in the emergency room of the hospital because I couldn't stop vomiting and my heart wouldn't stop racing. (If you have suffered from anxiety I feel for you so much, it's truly AWFUL.)

My healing journey involved many modalities and many shifts in the way I live my life, but the most powerful factor of all was discovering mindfulness meditation. This practice is very simple yet extraordinarily powerful, it taught me that stress, overwhelm and anxiety originate in the mind and that they can therefore be healed at the level of the mind.

I learned that I was not at the mercy of my racing, anxious thoughts, that I could tap into a part of my consciousness that was calm and spacious and free from fear and overwhelm.

I also learned that so much of my suffering and difficulty in life came down to my mindset, and that I have the power to change that, and to experience life differently.

Mindfulness meditation has enabled me to recover from burnout and anxiety; feel a sense of deep inner peace, clarity of mind, connection to the present moment, as well as a genuine joy and happiness that is not dependent on the external conditions of my life or things going a certain way for me.

And since teaching mindfulness to others, I have had the privilege of witnessing their incredible transformations too.


"When I started the course I really doubted if I’d complete it, wondering how I’d find the time. I work fulltime and I’m also studying a Master’s level course at the weekends and evenings. Added to that my husband and I were trying to buy our first house. Also a few weeks earlier I had found out I was pregnant with my first baby and I was feeling really nauseous and tired. I shouldn’t have worried as the course was very easy to fit around my busy schedule and it really helped me relax and feel calmer about all the things going on in my life. The course was a real saviour at the end of my first trimester when we were told there could be something wrong with the baby. The things I had learnt helped me stay sane during that month and thankfully all the tests eventually showed everything was fine. This is by far the best online course I have ever taken. It is so well prepared and easy to use. I have made immense improvements in my life through following all the practices in it and I know it is something that I'll repeat time and time again. It was an honour to participate and your course has made a real difference to my life Sharee. Thank you so much."

- Janey Brant-Beswick, UK

"As an older woman who has felt stress most of her life, particularly in childhood, I felt it was just a part of my life and that it was too late to live differently. Before The Calmer Mind Course, my stress levels and mood felt out of my control, but now my stress and mood feels under my control and I am much more positive. I definitely recommend this course, the level of information - especially the scientific information around stress reduction and the body - is tremendous."

- Anna Kershaw-Barr, UK

"When I started The Calmer Mind Course my stress levels felt like they were 7/10, by the end of the course they were down to 2/10. I really enjoyed the lectures, the topics were really interesting. All of the additional exercises and guided meditations were fantastic and really helped to cement what was covered in the teaching modules. I am less critical of myself now, and the meditations have really helped to release anxiety and not get stuck in any certain mental condition that I am having. Sharee's voice is also really nice to listen to."


KELLY: "I started The Calmer Mind Course with stress levels at 9/10 and they went down to a 4/10 by the second week. I have realised that I can learn to "turn off" immediate stressors when I have the tools to do so, and become more present in everyday moments. I notice I am so happy after I listen to the meditations and lessons, I feel so good - and I have way less anxiety. Sharee's voice is also really relaxing - it put my puppy boxer to sleep!"

SALLY: "Sharee has presented everything in this course in a concise and well thought-out way. The way she has formulated all the knowledge she has gleaned on her journey and presented it is really beautiful and is hard to say but in a deeper way it has already made big changes in my psyche. Just the sutra on santosha is amazing - it encompasses in it's definition contentment, gratitude, patience, non-judgment and forgiveness which can in turn really lead to having a calm and peaceful attitude unhampered by worry and judgment of situations that arise in life. I am grateful for Sharee's dedication to her work and her practice that she is sharing with us."

Kelly & Sally Stephenson, USA

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I started out feeling very anxious and stressed based on many factors in my life, but now I feel more at ease, less stressed and like I can process things more clearly and less emotionally. Thank you so much!"

-Maria Espinosa, USA

Thank you Sharee, I have loved every minute of The Calmer Mind Course, the content and effect has surpassed all expectations. My stress levels were very high when I started the course and I was taking anxiety medication daily and felt constantly exhausted. The medication has halved after 6 weeks and the the exhaustion has miraculously abated too. The anxiety that used to sit high in my chest constantly has dissipated, my body is noticeably more relaxed and I feel a lot more settled. I find that my body wants to do the meditations every night, it's like my sedative and I am able to fall asleep much more easily instead of lying awake for hours worrying. I am already recommending this course to everyone I talk to!!!"

- Robyn Leahy, AUSTRALIA

It takes YEARS of practice to feel any positive effects from meditation, right? WRONG!

Studies have shown positive benefits and tangible changes can be measured in the brain in as little as a few WEEKS of meditating just 10 - 20 minutes a day...

Meditation is just for Buddhists and hippies, right? WRONG! Thousands of scientific papers in recent years have pushed meditation into the mainstream and mindfulness is being used with excellent results in hospitals, workplaces, doctor's surgeries, psychotherapy programs, schools and more. It is also a completely non-sectarian practice that can be used by anyone, no matter your religion or personal beliefs.

Mindfulness is a PROVEN method to reduce stress, anxiety & depression NATURALLY and without side-effects...

Studies have also shown that a regular mindfulness meditation practice can reduce stress, anger, anxiety and depression by 50% and boost energy and vitality by 30% in 8 well as improve memory, focus, productivity and problem-solving skills.


Give me 8 weeks of your life and I will give you a calmer, happier mind - naturally and without nasty side-effects!

If you are suffering from chronic stress, exhaustion, burn-out, anxiety or depression, then The Calmer Mind Course is for YOU

This integrative, 8-week, step-by-step system really will help you to find calm, clarity and contentment - even if your life is completely CRAZY right now!

Here's what you get:

A complete multi-media online learning program that weaves together modern neuroscience, ancient Buddhist wisdom, yoga, mindfulness meditation, holistic wellness principles and more, and consists of:

  • 6 core modules with fully downloadable video and audio lessons
  • 2 integration weeks to help you stay on track
  • 10+ fully downloadable guided meditations
  • Relaxing and easy-to-follow video yoga classes
  • Beautiful pdf worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists and resource guides
  • PLUS some very special bonuses!

Here's sneak peek of what's inside:

MODULE 1: Turning Within

This module is the core and foundation of the whole course and will teach you how to START – and STICK to – your own simple daily meditation practice…even if you’re SUPER BUSY and your willpower SUCKS! You'll also:

  • Uncover the REAL toll stress is taking on your health, happiness and lifestyle and learn how to avoid the triggers that are making it worse. (This INVALUABLE insight is the first step to take back control of your life!)
  • Discover the difference between responding vs reacting in stressful situations. (No more flying off the handle then regretting it later!)
  • Have common meditation myths debunked including the #1 misconception that almost ALL new meditatiors make...(Sadly, this FALSE assumption causes countless newbies to give up too soon before experiencing the real benefits of meditation! But this won’t happen to you, I got you covered 😉).
  • Discover what Buddhists call the “second arrow of suffering” (how we compound our problems with beliefs, assumptions and story-making)– and how this ONE insight can cut through ALL the excess drama in your life

MODULE 2: Coming Home to Your Body

Did you know you can get out of your head and into the peace of the present moment whenever you want to, simply by reconnecting to your body?

In this second module you'll also:

  • Develop self-trust and self-confidence and stop worrying what other people think or seeking their approval
  • Get over frustrating indecision & crippling self-doubt by making firm, confident decisions based on your body's natural intuition
  • Learn how to do meditative walking and bring a sense of calm wherever you go!
  • Feel grounded and uber-relaxed by loosening up all those tense, tight knots in your body with yin yoga: one of the easiest forms of yoga around.

MODULE 3: Everyday Mindfulness

In this module you’ll learn how to take the peace and serenity cultivated on your meditation cushion out into the real world where you need it most! Highlights include:

  • A super-easy, "portable" mini-meditation practice you can do throughout the day to defuse stress and tension instantly
  • How to make your co-workers jealous and win employee of the month (just kidding…but who knows!?) by completing tasks with zen-like focus and calm… instead of in a frazzled, coffee-guzzling, hot-mess!
  • How to transform mundane, every-day chores into living meditation practices that strengthen your inner peace and clarity of mind every time you do them!
  • Most importantly, discover how to STOP wasting your life on auto-pilot and WAKE-UP to the JOY and WONDER of this one miraculous, precious, flawed and beautiful life you've been given...

MODULE 4: The Foundation of True Self-Care

It's your external life circumstances that cause most of your stress, right? WRONG!

One of the BIGGEST sources of stress comes from INSIDE you - from your relentless self-criticism and harsh self-judgement - in this module you’ll start to BREAK FREE from your inner bully and see your happiness and confidence soar! You’ll discover:

  • How to stop dwelling on problems and getting caught up in negative thought-patterns
  • How to let go of self-sabotaging feelings of shame, inadequacy and fear of failure that are holding you back from reaching your true potential with simple self-compassion exercises
  • How to become more resilient in times of difficulty and better able to acknowledge and meet your own needs
  • The reason why high self-esteem is OVER-RATED and why self-compassion should be cultivated instead

MODULE 5: Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Anger, fear, sadness, jealousy and hatred no longer have to steal your peace of mind if you have the tools to deal with them effectively…Which is just what this module will provide! Highlights inclide:

  • A powerful guided meditation that you can use whenever you are experiencing strong emotions to process them safely and fully and regain your emotional balance.

  • The reason why you unintentionally fuel negative emotions with your thoughts - causing them to last WAAAY longer than necessary… and how to stop it!
  • How to finally let go of the past and stop getting stuck in the same patterns and habits of suffering.

MODULE 6: Creating Calmer Relationships

It’s not always easy to keep your peace of mind if you have poor boundaries with others, have to deal with difficult people on a regular basis or have conflicts and troubles in your closest relationships…which is why this invaluable module is all about how you can bring calm to your relationships as well…

Some of the GEMS covered are:

  • Discover the #1 mistake that nearly EVERYONE makes that leads to dissatisfaction and conflict in relationships. (This applies ESPECIALLY to romantic relationships and is responsible for countless break-ups and divorces!)
  • How to put strong BOUNDARIES in place so you can stop taking on other people's drama and negativity, and stop saying YES when you really want to say NO

  • 2 mindfulness techniques to help you let go of old grievances and resentments that are keeping you stuck in the past and unable to move on
  • How to protect your own precious time and energy so that you can give to others from a place of fullness and joy rather than resentment, guilt and exhaustion
  • Discover how to use the 6 qualities of mindfulness to transform your relationships from stuck, difficult or unsatisfying to peaceful, loving and deep.
  • Learn simple skills to dissolve conflict easily and quickly restore harmony to troubled relationships

But wait...there's more....(wink, wink)


BONUS #1: NOURISHING YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM: FREE Wellness Workshop valued at $197

Stress, anxiety and depression are all in your HEAD, right? WRONG!

In this workshop you will understand the hidden PHYSICAL TRIGGERS that are doing a number on you mentally and emotionally... as well as:

  • Understand the CRUCIAL gut-brain connection and how what you eat (and don’t eat) can literally switch on and off your stress response
  • Identify the most common everyday diet culprits that are wreaking havoc on your moods and energy levels day in and day out, leaving you feeling tired, blue and unable to concentrate...
  • Learn simple diet-tweaks – with example meals and snacks – to naturally keep your stress hormones on the down-low
  • Discover how essential a good night’s sleep really is to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and my top 5 tips to have the most restful and refreshing sleep of your life!
  • PLUS, get a FREE downloadable natural herb and supplement guide to support your nervous system, calm your mind and boost your energy levels…naturally…


Peer to peer learning has proven advantages over self-study which is why I have the added bonus of a private Facebook group…you can tap into collective brains, get access to new ideas, form powerful connections with like-minded friends plus stay motivated, inspired and accountable to take action as part of a dynamic group.

PLUS, while most online courses are “set and forget” in regards to access to the teacher…ie you are given the course materials and then just left to your own devices, in this course I will be in the Facebook group regularly to:

  • Answer any of your questions and clarify anything you may need more guidance on
  • Help you to stay inspired and motivated through-out the course
  • Cheer you on and give you personalized advice and support – I want nothing more than to see you get incredible results.


Would you like the opportunity to deepen your meditation practice in a small group, in a beautiful, LIVE setting?

I've been running life-changing spiritual retreats at incredible destinations for the past 8 years...but I can only take small groups with limited spaces so these retreats sell-out quickly! As a Calmer Mind student, you will get early access to register before spaces are opened up to the general public PLUS exclusive discounts not available to anyone else.

Your Instructor

Sharee James
Sharee James

Sharee James is a fully qualified naturopath, yoga and meditation instructor & mindfulness coach dedicated to helping you live a calmer, stress-free life.

Through her company Ashima Living, she has led yoga & meditation retreats in the Himalayas of Nepal for the last 8 years, and has had thousands of people go through her online meditation programs.

She currently resides in Australia and also writes regularly for MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Casa de Karma, Positively Positive, Tiny Buddha and Yoga Life.


When does the course start?

Registration is open until the 19th of January 2018, and the course starts on Monday the 22nd of January and runs for 8 weeks, with a new module being released each week, except for during the integration weeks. (There will be some bonus content released in the integration weeks for those who are really keen, but they can be completed at any time and in any order, as they are "extra" to the core course content. So it's up to you if you want to do them in the integration weeks, or leave them aside for later.)

What if I miss a week or get really busy, will I fall behind?

No problem - firstly, there are 2 integration weeks built in with no extra "homework" for those weeks, to allow people to catch up on anything they may have missed or to work more deeply with a particular module that may be resonating with them. Secondly, though the content is dripped out over 8 weeks, you have lifetime access to the course AND the material is fully downloadable - so you can go at your own pace and even re-do the course as many times as you would like!

Also, I KNOW that you're super-busy, that's probably partly why you're so stressed in the first place! I've been really conscious to make the course as concise and fluff-free as possible, and adaptable to the busiest of lifestyles. I created guided meditations and yoga lessons of different lengths, plus the lessons are downloadable in case you prefer to "multi-task" and listen to them while in the car, cooking, doing housework or exercising etc.

What if I am completely new to meditation?

Wonderful! This course is suitable for beginners and more seasoned meditators alike and covers EVERYTHING you need to know to confidently start - and stick to - your own practice.

I've never done an online course before, and I'm not very techy - what if I find the course platform difficult to use?

I have hosted the course on a state-of-the-art online learning platform called Teachable, which hosts thousands of different courses and is renowned for it's simplicity and user-friendly experience! You definitely don't have to worry, the course is very cleanly laid out and super simple to use, and if you get stuck at all, you can always be in touch with myself or the very helpful Teachable support team.

Is this course actually going to be applicable/practical to my everyday life?

OMG YES! My philosophy is that a spiritual practice is pointless if it's not making a lick of difference to your everyday life. I'm not really into fluff or woo, so I've only included very grounded teachings that draw from Buddhist psychology and the latest neuroscience and are applicable to crazy-busy modern day lives. Everything I have included is 100% actionable, practical and will make a huge difference to your life and stress levels.

Is this course just for women?

Heck, no! This course is suitable for anyone. But my work seems to attract way more women than men, (plus I'm a woman myself!) so I tend to speak very directly to some of the challenges modern day women face in particular. But men are definitely welcome and celebrated in The Calmer Mind Course, and will get SO much out of it!

I'd love to join, but money is a bit tight right now, is there a payment plan?

YES, after hearing that some people would prefer a payment plan, it has just been added! You can choose to pay all in full (and save a little extra that way!) or make 3 smaller payments over 3 months, the payment options are at the bottom of this page.


Without inflation or exaggeration, mindfulness meditation - what you're about to learn in this course - has been PROVEN to cut stress levels in HALF within 8 weeks, and boost energy & vitality by 30%!

Just let that sink in for a moment...who would you be and what would your life look like if you weren't so freakin' stressed, tired and anxious all the time?

What would you be able to have or achieve?

What would that mean for your health and relationships? Your happiness and peace of mind?

This course could easily be the very BEST THING you EVER do for yourself - heck just the bonus on "Nourishing Your Nervous System" alone is a total game-changer for your mood, focus and energy levels.

This content is the culmination and result of years of my own personal practice and hard-won lessons as well as my professional teaching and clinical experience; millennia of ancient Buddhist teachings and the latest cutting-edge research from the brightest minds in neuroscience - all chiseled down into a simple, actionable, step-by-step system that will rewire your brain from stressed, anxious and overwhelmed to naturally calm, joyful and confident in 8 weeks or less!

There's simply no other meditation or personal growth course out there that's this holistic, comprehensive, power-packed, fluff-free and effective for stress, anxiety and overwhelm as The Calmer Mind Course.


I have poured my heart and soul (and years of experience) into this course and I know it can CHANGE your life for the better. So, for this reason, I’m willing to take ALL the risk onto my shoulders if it will inspire you to take action and give it a try… I am offering a 1 00% money-back guarantee valid for the first 30 days after purchase: if you go through the first 4 weeks of course content, do the meditations and exercises and don’t feel like it’s reduced your stress levels or made a lick of difference to your state of mind, then I will refund you in full, no problem. HOWEVER – you will NOT get results simply by watching the lectures without doing the home exercises and meditations…so for this reason you will be required to submit your homework for the first 4 weeks if you’d like a refund…To be clear, NO refund will be issued if your course work is not provided. After all, meditation is about PRACTICE, not theory! So, you really do have NOTHING to lose…and SO MUCH - a calmer, happier mind - to gain!


If you're still reading, you owe it to yourself to recognise how learning to reduce stress and anxiety will transform your life in every way - from your health and energy levels, to your relationships, to being able to reach your true potential.

I want you to have everything you need to live a calmer, happier life - to find that place within that is an unshakable source of inner peace and resilience and to help you LIVE from that place in your daily life. I want you to have every skill you need to make this a reality.

Make no mistake, the meditations, lessons and exercises in this course can bridge the gap between mental suffering and feeling dissatisfied with your life to breaking free and discovering true contentment and fulfilment.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Calmer Mind Course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - apply what you learn and there's no limit to the transformation that's possible for you.


Get started now!